Eager loading with DbContext (using Include with Lambda Expression)

Some current days, I faced with a problem with eager loading while using property name as string. But I wanna use lambda. I tried googling and found the solution.

In EF4.0,  if we wanna use it, we must install EF CTP5, but this feature has already included in EF4.1. Below are steps to use and testing result using EF Profiler

1 – Using namespace System.Data.Entity

Code Snippet
  1. using System.Data.Entity;

2 – We just use simply like that

Code Snippet
  1. public Voucher GetById(Guid id)
  2.         {
  3.             return this.Domain.Vouchers
  4.                             .Include(x => x.Account)
  5.                             .Include(x => x.Account.Address1)
  6.                             .Include(x => x.Account.Address)
  7.                             .Include(x => x.VoucherUsages)
  8.                             .FirstOrDefault(x => x.ID.Equals(id));
  9.         }

3 – The testing result

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