Deploy Sitecore.HabitatHome.Commerce

What’s Sitecore.HabitatHome.Commerce?

HabitatHome Commerce Demo and the tools and processes in it is a Sitecore® solution example built using Sitecore Experience Accelerator™ (SXA) on Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP) and Sitecore Experience Commerce™ (XC) following the Helix architecture principles.


  • An instance of Sitecore Experience Platform within Sitecore Experience Commerce must be installed
  • Sitecore.HabitatHome.Platform must be deployed by the “Quick-Deploy” target build and then publish to the web. [Check out this link]

.\build.ps1 -Target "Quick-Deploy"

Getting Started

  • Clone the source code from github to your local (i.e. D:\sitecore):

  • We might need to change some default values under following files


"WebsiteRoot": "E:\\Inetpub\\wwwroot\\",
"InstanceUrl": "",
"SolutionName": "HabitatHome.Commerce.sln",
"ProjectFolder": "D:\\sitecore\\Sitecore.HabitatHome.Commerce",
"BuildConfiguration": "Debug",
"BuildToolVersions": "VS2017",
"RunCleanBuilds": false,
"MessageStatisticsApiKey": "97CC4FC13A814081BF6961A3E2128C5B"


[string]$webRoot = "E:\Inetpub\wwwroot",

  • Open the PowerShell in administrative mode, and change location to the folder that was cloned from github

Set-Location D:\sitecore\Sitecore.HabitatHome.Commerce

  • Build and deploy Sitecore.HabitatHome.Commerce by executing the command

.\build.ps1 -Target Initial

  • Build and deploy commerce engine

deploy-commerce-engine.ps1 -Bootstrap -Initialize

[+] Publish sites

[+] Re-build the indexes

[+] Refresh Commerce Caches

What’s next???

Now, we can access the site at


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