Installing Sitecore Publishing Service 3.1 Update-1

Why should we install Sitecore Publishing Service?

From developer perspective, the Sitecore Publishing Service will reduce the amount of time spent publishing a large number of Sitecore’s Items.

Getting started with installation


[string] $SitecoreInstanceName = "habitathome",
[string] $WebrootPath = "D:\Inetpub\wwwroot",
[string] $SqlServerName = ".",
[string] $SqlAdminAccount = "sa",
[string] $SqlAdminPassword = 'The-password-for-sa-account'

Start Installing Sitecore Publishing Service 3.1 Update-1

  • Open the PowerShell as administor then executing the following commands
Set-Location "D:\Sitecore\InstallPublishingService"

  • After done, we will have the following information

Next, install the Sitecore Publishing Module

  • Install the Sitecore Publishing Module (Sitecore Publishing Module 3.1.1 rev. by Installation Wizard tool

Update the publishing service Url from Sitecore instance

  • Access the configuration folder of Publishing Service from the webroot, for instance, D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\\App_Config\Modules\PublishingService
  • Open the Sitecore.Publishing.Service.config by any text editor, find the setting element with the name PublishingServiceUrlRoot, replace the current Url by http://habitathome_PublishingService:5001

Now, open up the Sitecore launchpad and start using the benefit of Publishing Service brings to us.


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