Sitecore, me in 2018 and next

We (Sitecore and me) have known each other from 2016, in which I joined the training course of Sitecore XP 8 Website Development for .NET Developers and of course I achieved this certicate after. Later year, another certicate which is Sitecore Commerce for Developers had been archieved as well. Although, we don’t have much chance to work together, just 3 projects till now, but not so we become strangers. I don’t stop learning, researching and attempting about Sitecore both XP & XC (up to now).

 Since Sitecore 9 was released in end of 2017 (as I remember), it’s actually the revolution from the installation by using SIF instead of SIM tool; especially in Sitecore Commerce, the Commerce Server was retired. Therefore, it’s time to get friendly with the new era – Sitecore 9.0. It’s actually not ease to start with Sitecore 9.0, at least SIF (Sitecore Installation Framework in particular). Thankfully, many bloggers around the worlds whether Sitecore MVP or not (yet) helps me a lot by their quality posts, their answers on stackexchange and so on. I’ve appreciated their contributions. Well, seem I’ve received a lot from Community, right? So I think I have to contribute back to community

What I’ve done in 2018?

Contribute in github repos

Blogged everything I did

  • Starting time:
    • From March 2018
  • Purpose: 
    • Notes for my own
    • Even maybe helps everyone can save their time on the same trouble/issue
  • Scopes:
    • Everything regarding Sitecore both XP & XC from installation to development (not yet)
    • The open source projects that uses Sitecore (i.e. HabitatHome Demo sites)
  • Achievements (From March, 2018 to Now):
    • 11 posts
    • 584 visitors

Active on Social Networks

Usually share the blog posts (includes mine), best practices and what I think helpful for us via channels:

What will I do in 2019?

  • Explore more on Sitecore SXA, Sitecore Commerce
  • Start with Sitecore JSS
  • Of course, more posts about them
  • Active more on Slack and Sitecore Stack Exchange

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