Install Sitecore 9.1 Initial Release – XM Scaled (XM1 ) On Premises

Sitecore 9.1 Initial Release was announced in end of 2018, and many blog posts that guides us install Sitecore 9.1 very easy and quick, but it’s for XP Single (XP0) On Premises packages. I’ve already installed successfully as well. But I met the problem with the resource performance, since XP0 consumes a lot of resource from RAM and CPU (my personal thought). So the XM1 package is suitable for me since I’m not planning to use Analytics and Marketing features (at this time), hence it reduces resources consuming a lot. Moreover, I want to experience on both CM and CD separately where I can install SXA on CM, and SXA on CD for example.

In order to install quickly and simply, I decided to write some PowerShell scripts that is on Github at Sitecore91-XM1-Installation repository. Before starting installed, let talk a little bit about this repository.

Start with Install-Prerequisites.ps1

  • Automatically download and install Sitecore’s prerequisites based on Prerequisites.json which is extracted from downloaded Sitecore XM1 package. They are, for example, DacFrameworkx64.msi, dotnet-hosting-win.exe and so on.

Next, XM1-SingleDeveloper.ps1

  • Automatically adds some parameters to SIF’s configuration files which are extracted from Sitecore XM1 package.
    • createcert.json
    • IdentityServer.json
    • sitecore-XM1-cd.json
    • sitecore-XM1-cm.json
  • The parameters are:
    • WebRoot – since I don’t want Sitecore’s instances will be installed at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot. Instead, it can be E drive
    • RootCertFileName – since I don’t want SitecoreRootCert by default, instead it can be Sitecore_91_XM1 for instance.

Talk enough, let’s start

Install successfully with Sitecore information

Verify the results

Verify on IIS

Verify on IIS

Content Management Server

  • Use the credential: admin/b

Content Delivery Server

  • Access the Url – http//

Well, let enjoy Sitecore 9.1 Initial Release – XM1!!!

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