Install Sitecore Publishing Service 4.0.0

This post assumes that we’ve already installed Sitecore 9.1 Initial Release – XM Scale (XM1) by following my post within the following instances:

Let start

Download Publishing Service package and module file


  • Make sure you have the latest scripts from my repository – Sitecore91-XM1-Installation
  • Put the Sitecore Publishing Service 4.0.0 rev. into download folder. Now this folder looks like

Install Publishing Service package

  • Open the PowerShell as Administrator, then execute the command
  • Just wait to finish and see the result
  • Verify the IIS

Install Publishing Service module for CM Server

  • Access the Url –
  • Use Installation Wizard tool to install the module – Sitecore Publishing Module 4.0.0 rev. And wait to finish.

Configure Publishing Service Url

  • Access the CM site’s content (i.e. E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\
  • Find the Sitecore.Publishing.Service.config under App_Config\Modules\PublishingService
  • Modify PublishingServiceUrlRoot settings by the value, for example, http://XM910_PublishingService:5001/

Now, see how it works

  • Still on CM Server, let modify the Title field of the item /sitecore/content/Home
  • Then publish this item

Well done, let enjoy Publishing Service 4.0.0!!!

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