Part-1: My sitecore-nine-utilities with Sitecore XP0

We can find the summary of this series in here. And we have to clone the following repository from github to our local environment


Folder Description Term
D:\sitecore-nine-utilityclone repository from githubWorking Folder
E:\Sitecore-RepoSitecore’s prerequisite: Solr, Nssm, OpenJdkRepo Folder
C:\DevOpenJDK will be installed
E:\SitecoreSolr Solr & Nssm will be extracted
E:\Inetpub\wwwroot webroot webroot

Site Information

sc911 The prefix of Sitecore’s site
dev.local The postfix of Sitecore’s site name of Sitecore’s site name of Identity Server site name of xConnect site Solr’s host name. We don’t use localhost in this case.

Certificates Information

This is the most interesting thing in this part. It generates 2 certificates in total. One is root cert which will be used to generate the subsequent certificates such as wildcard cert for domain *.dev.local.

Since we’re using wildcard certificate, so this cert is applied for all the sites, for instance, identity server, xconnect and so on

Root Cert at Cert:\LocalMachine\Root
WildCard Certificate at Cert:\LocalMachine\My

Those 2 certs are also export to pfx file which is found at [Working Folder]\Certificates


Download the following items then put into Repo Folder

Getting Start

Let access the Working Folder; use any text editor to open xp0.configuration.ps1 file; then modify the following variables

$SitecoreSitePrefix     = "sc911"

$AssetsPath             = "E:\Sitecore-Repo"
$OpenJdkInstallPath     = "C:\Dev"
$SolrInstallRootPath    = "E:\SitecoreSolr"
$WebRoot                = "E:\Inetpub\wwwroot"

$SolrPort = "8721"

$SqlAdminUser       = "sa"
$SqlAdminPassword   = "[your-sa-password]"

Now, let’s open the PowerShell Window as Administrator; then execute the below command

  • Case-1: install within Sitecore’s prerequisites (i.e. SQLDacFramework and so on)
.\xp0-install.ps1 -WithPrequisites
  • Case-2: install Sitecore only (without prerequisites)

If the installation is correct

What did the script do?

  • Extract the Sitecore Installation Package; do some modification for SIF json files
  • Generate wildcard Certificate for domain *.dev.local
  • Install OpenJdk at C:\Dev folder; add JAVA_HOME and update PATH system variables
  • Then, install Solr as a service (within Nssm tool); enable SSL by applying wildcard certificate => no *.jks certificate anymore
  • Add the host name of Solr to hosts file –
  • Start installing Sitecore’s site within https by default

What’s next?

After installed successfully, and make sure we can access the site at or (with the legend credential admin/b). Then come to next part which install SPE & SXA, of course, still use sitecore-nine-utilities

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