Part-2: My sitecore-nine-utilities with SPE & SXA

This part assumes that we’ve done the preceding part. The summary of this series can be found here


Folder Description Term
D:\sitecore-nine-utilityclone repository from githubWorking Folder
E:\Sitecore-RepoSitecore’s prerequisite: Solr, Nssm, OpenJdkRepo Folder
C:\DevOpenJDK will be installed
E:\SitecoreSolr Solr & Nssm will be extracted
E:\Inetpub\wwwroot webroot webroot

Site Information

sc911 The prefix of Sitecore’s site
dev.local The postfix of Sitecore’s site name of Sitecore’s site name of Identity Server site name of xConnect site Solr’s host name. We don’t use localhost in this case.


Download the following items then put into Repo Folder

Getting Start

Most of the declaration has been done in xp0-configuration.ps1 that we can see here

##### Sitecore's packages
$SitecoreAzureToolKitPackageName = "Sitecore Azure Toolkit*.zip"
$SitecoreModules = @(
        ModulePath      = "$($AssetsPath)\Sitecore PowerShell Extensions-4.7.2 for Sitecore"
        ModuleName      = "SPE-4.7.2" 
        ModuleDatabase  = "mastercore"
        ModulePath      = "$($AssetsPath)\Sitecore Experience Accelerator 1.8.1 rev. 190319 for"
        ModuleName      = "SXA-1.8.1" 
        IsSxA           = $true
        ModuleDatabase  = "mastercore"

Now, let open PowerShell Window as Administrator, then execute the following commands

Set-Location -Path "D:\sitecore-nine-utility"

Let install SPE & SXA


If the installation is successfully

What did the script do?

  • It convert SPE and SXA package to Sitecore WebDeploy Package (also know as * file) by using Sitecore Azure Toolkit
  • Using Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF in short) to install those scwdp packages.

So, what’s next?

After the script executed successfully, let access the url with the legend credential admin/b; then access the Sitecore’s item at path /sitecore/system/Settings/Foundation/Experience Accelerator/Upgrade/Current to verify the version of SXA

If we plan to install Sitecore Commerce, so let move to Part-3

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