Part-3: My sitecore-nine-utilities with Sitecore XC

This part assumes that we’ve done the preceding parts. The summary of this series can be found here

In this part, we’ll install Sitecore Commerce 9.1 Initial Release within the following modification

  • All Commerce Engine Services are using the same certificate by applying wildcard certificate for *.engine.local domain. And use the same pattern to name the service, for instance, sc911_[commerce-engine-operator].engine.local
  • Moreover, their application pool are run under ApplicationPoolIdentity (it’s specific user – CSFndRuntimeUser which is Window Local User)
  • It’s also use sa account to login to SqlServer instead of CSFndRuntimeUser as original.

So, it means that no Window Local User ( CFSRuntime ) anymore


Folder Description Term
D:\sitecore-nine-utilityclone repository from githubWorking Folder
E:\Sitecore-RepoSitecore’s prerequisite: Solr, Nssm, OpenJdkRepo Folder
C:\DevOpenJDK will be installed

E:\SitecoreSolr Solr & Nssm will be extracted

E:\Inetpub\wwwroot webroot

Site Information

sc911 The prefix of Sitecore’s site
dev.local The postfix of Sitecore’s site name of Sitecore’s site name of Identity Server site name of xConnect site Solr’s host name. We don’t use localhost in this case.

Sitecore Commerce Engine Services

  • sc911_CommerceOps.engine.local
  • sc911_CommerceShops.engine.local
  • sc911_CommerceAuthoring.engine.local
  • sc911_CommerceMinions.engine.local

Sitecore Commerce BizFx

  • sc911_bizfx.engine.local


In this part, there is 2 new certificates has been generated; which based on Root Certificate that come from part-1

  • Wildcard Certificate for domain *.engine.local
  • Certificate for host

So, after we’ve done this part, there are 4 certificates in total

It also has 4 pfx files as well


Download the following items then put into Repo Folder

Getting Start

Let open xc-configuration.ps1 under Working Folder by any text editor; preview the variables’ values and change to corresponding value if any. Since it depends on Sitecore XP, so it obviously update Braintree account only 🙂

$BraintreeAccount = @{
    MerchantId = ''
    PublicKey  = ''
    PrivateKey = ''

Now, open the PowerShell Window as Administrator; then move to Working Folder

Set-Location -Path "D:\sitecore-nine-utility"

Start installing by execute the below command


If the installation is success

Let verify the installation

Update Business Tool Url

Since we named the BizFx service as sc911_bizfx.engine.local, so we have to update the Business Tool Url

Verify the storefront site

By accessing

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