SITECORE 9.1.1: Playing with XP0, SPE + SXA; XC and

There are many blog post around the world that helps us easily install those stuffs. Likewise, this series has the same purpose but, of course, it has something special which will be listed below

Sitecore XP0

  • Automatically install OpenJDK; set JAVA_HOME and update PATH system environment
  • Automatically install Solr as a Window Service; enable SSL by applying PFX certificate
  • Now, Solr is not localhost anymore; it has host name (i.e. And use the same certificate
  • Use wildcard Certificate for domain *.dev.local
  • Enable https by default


  • Install Sitecore PowerShell Extension and Sitecore Experience Accelerator by scwdp package (also know as Sitecore WebDeploy Package)
  • Automatically execute post steps

Sitecore XC 9.1 Initial Release – The most interesting part

  • Use ApplicationPoolIdentity instead of Window Local User
  • Use sa account to connect SqlServer instead of Window Local User
  • Use host names for all Commerce Engine Services instead of localhost and port

Hence, no CSFndRuntimeUser anymore

Some screenshots after installed successfully

IIS Sites with only ApplicationPoolIdentity
Physical sites
There are 4 pfx files in total include Sitecore Commerce Engine service

Alright, here we go

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Linus Torvalds

Let’s start by cloning the repository from github:

There are 3 parts in this series:


Let’s start with Part-1: Install XP0

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